creating greta arrays

Create greta arrays representing observed data or fixed values

create data greta arrays

zeros ones greta_array

variables & distributions

Create variables and assign probability distributions over greta arrays

probability distributions

uniform normal lognormal bernoulli binomial beta_binomial negative_binomial hypergeometric poisson gamma inverse_gamma weibull exponential pareto student laplace beta cauchy chi_squared logistic f multivariate_normal wishart lkj_correlation multinomial categorical dirichlet dirichlet_multinomial

define a distribution over data

distribution<- distribution

manipulating greta arrays

Functions and operations for modifying greta arrays

transformation functions for greta arrays

iprobit ilogit icloglog icauchit log1pe imultilogit


Define and visualise models and fit them to data

greta model objects

model print plot

statistical inference on greta models

stashed_samples mcmc opt

extending greta

Write R packages that extend or use greta